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         Here is an easy way to make your voice heard. Some inspiration: According to the Vegan Outreach newsletter, an activist who had written Peelu USA about the beeswax in their gum, received a reply stating they removed the beeswax due to her letter! And for whatever reason, two companies that used to be on here are no longer. Freeman's removed the honey from their shampoos and Lightlife stopped using honey in all of their products! (Of course they've recently been bought by ConAgra, Inc., a meatpacker, but that's another discussion.)

Tom's of Maine

Beeswax in their flossing ribbons, Propolis in all of their Natural Toothpastes without Fluoride, new products like Cough & Cold Rub and Muscle Balm contain beeswax

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However, they really prefer that you write them at
Tom's of Maine
PO Box 710
Kennebunk, ME 04043, USA
Phone: 800-775-2388 or 207-985-2944 Fax: 207-985-2196

Tom's says the following:

Tomís of Maine does not use any animal ingredients in any product formulation nor are animal ingredients present in any fragrance or flavor blend we purchase. By "animal ingredient" we include any substance that has been extracted from the body of an animal or insect, including civet, ambergris, cochineal, and any slaughterhouse products. Tomís of Maine does use propolis and beeswax, two ingredients which we consider to be "animal-derived." Both substances are manufactured by bees and used in the construction and lining of their hives. We have obtained assurances from our supplier that these ingredients are harvested without harming the bees in any way. Because there is no harm done to any animal, we feel that usage of beeswax and propolis is fully consistent with our corporate belief in kindness to animals. Our flossing ribbon and non-fluoride toothpaste contain these ingredients. The rest of our line is 100% vegan.

Some things to keep in mind when talking to Tom's:

Amy's Kitchen, Inc.

2330 North Point Parkway
Santa Rosa, CA 94507
FAX: 707-578-7995

Virtually all of Amy's "non-dairy" products contain honey. Let them know that if they want vegans to eat their products, they shouldn't put non-vegan ingredients in them!

From an article about Amy's:

One culinary area the company has moved into in a big way is vegan items, the domain of those finicky eaters who eschew not only meat but all animal products. "They're vocal, but there aren't that many of them," says Andy of vegans who shun animal products for ethical reasons. "We do about a dozen products for vegans and people who can't digest dairy, which is a much larger group."

The Body Shop

The Body Shop International Plc (world headquarters)
West Sussex
BN17 6LS
Fax: +44 (0)1903 726 250 (Canada)

The Body Shop Inc
5036 One World Way
Wake Forest, NC 27587 USA
Fax: +1 919 554 4361

        The Body Shop is pure evil; they use ethics as a big marketing ploy so I'm not even sure if they deserve to be on this page. Do any of their products not contain beeswax? They are also fond of lanolin, gelatin, milk and honey. They have leather sofas in their Toronto headquarters. The company is for "animal protection." They used to claim they would find an "ethical" source of lanolin by the end of 1997 and for the rest of their animal byproducts by 2000. Nicely point out that there is no such thing.

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