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Vegetarian Cartoons

Here's how it works--you can click on the first one and go through all of the cartoons on my site. The ones at the end of each category are not part of the slide show because they are only links to other sites.

This cartoon page was not thrilled when all of those bees moved in next door. And with good reason--just look what happened!

I recommend looking at these when you have a fast connection--at work, for example. If you only want the best, I have marked some that I find particularly creative or amusing. Just look for the .

If you see a vegetarian cartoon, please email me. Thanks!

Sad news

Many of the sites that I used to link to disappeared or went commercial. I was able to restore some of the comics, but I did not have copies of many. I'm still in the process of restoring the site.

Comic Strips

Tables Turned
Animal symbiosis Man-eating lions
Electric fence Animal farm
Sigfried & Roy Carnivorous squirrels
Turkey club It could all be a dream
Meals on Wheels Bon Appetit
Vegetarian, Humanitarian Free-range Humans
Cows with tanks When roaches have had enough
Cowboy Beef chart
I'll have the vegan
Chickens, Eggs, & the Colonel
Eternal consequences Colonel Sanders at the Pearly Gates
More chickens in heaven Everybody needs a little Colonel Sanders
Not gonna happen A visit to the farm house
Lord, we thank thee Tunnel of Horrors
America's Most Wanted Death Walk
Prometheus & chickens A message from the chicken mob
Farm Fresh Going to be awkward
Chickens' legs Life clucks
TV Violence Where have all the chickens gone?
Cooking with Chicken Life after menopause?
Party Bucket Crossing the road
Chicken souls Vegetable Soup for the Soul
For the pesco-vegetarian Fishing for humans
The fish are biting On-line
Fishing regulations The Mysterious Island of Hubris
Someone your own size Now they can call it a sport
What is it like to be a bat? Fish day
Tuna Helper Fresh lobster
Same time next week Innocent lobster
LLF Choose your own soybean
Decided to go vegetarian
Cows, Milk, & Cheez Whiz
He had no restraint, no restraint just
like Kurtz--a tree swayed by the wind.
Cow poetry
Cheez Whiz Cheez Whiz is always amusing
Mad cow In honor of Michael Traub
What big udders you have More hormones
Famous liver and onions Just a bit too rare
Certifiable Non-dairy creamer
Cows love Oprah Amazing comic
Not far from the truth Whipped cream
Why Milk? Surf and Turf
Fresh roast beef Killer whale & cheesburgers
I'm a vegetarian, too Alliance Against Red Meat
Turkeys & Thanksgiving
If they'd only listened to Ben Franklin The turkey X-Files
Turkey Freudian slip Nontraditional thanksgiving
Down with Christmas Pray for thanks
Green beret turkey farms Turkey on trial
Blind farmer Stuffing turkeys
Turkey impersonations Spotted Owl
Pig Skin Playing sick
It's a crime Turkey PR
A Sad Day in Sesame Street (don't mind the java) The Shining
Turkey fortunes Gay turkey
Psychic Turkey Define gross and disgusting
Worth a try Survived the holidays
End of the world Dulce et decorum est
RSPCA & a turkey Citizen Dog Nov. 19-21, 23-28, 30
Thanksgiving in Jamaica Home from Jamaica
Y2K compliant Philosophical turkey
Turkeys.com Vegetarians have more fun
Not Turkey Us Turkeys
Knife & Fork Tofu Turkey
Tofurkey Cow costume
More cow impersonations Be thankful
Thanks for vegetarians Psycho Turkey
Of questionable taste Also of questionable taste
Pigs is as smart as dogs Hot commodity
Not so generous pigs That's some pig
Misleading, yet able to make a point Hog futures
Hog futures II Good News
Pig College Pig funerals
Green eggs
Malthusian daydream Bambi conspiracy
Wild Animal Moral Dilemma
Bear trophy The Food Chain
Hunter at the pearly gates Population check
Right to arm bears Ted Nugent's Xmas cookies
Caller ID Ice fishing revisited
Legitimate sport Deer hunters
Companion Animals
The fish bowl Tofu Alpo
PETF How long are you in for?
Hot dog Dog dress-up
The Incident Dr. Laura
Birth defect Gone Feral
A side of chemo US Department of Agriculture
A side of beef Raw cookie dough
Expiration date The Lard Pit
Burger Blech Recalled meat
Meat is suicide
Animal Rights
Moral superior No speciesism here
Early AR activists Family Values
Converted snake charmer Animal rights petition
Animal rights meeting Slug death
Got Beer? Planet of the Apes
Satire is supposed to be funny
Anti-AR, click at your own risk
Food liberals Vegetarian coworkers
King of the jungle Vegetarian prejudice
A good cult Scrawny wimps
The powerful vegetarian lobby A healthy industry
March to the capitol Accurate animal testing
Don't you eat fish? Early vegetarians returning from the kill
Vegan parents Vegan parents II
Family barbecue Airplane meals
The importance of flossing Cookout
More vegetarian parents Vegetarian on Rye
This little piggy Pepto-Bismo-Vegetarian
Argument with a meat eater A little bit of bacon
Non-practicing vegetarian Notorious carnivore
Charming Birth of a vegetarian
Carrot-man A few words
Calvin's true feelings Some veggie comics
Say cheese Why didn't you tell me before?
The Count goes veggie Hanging basket
Artichoke heart Vegetarian Butcher
Paul McCartney's hamburger period Vegetarian waiter
If you could be a vegetarian Pubs with vegetarian food
Blue Mountain vegetarian cards
Animal in Science
The fruits of animal testing Animal testing
NASA's menagerie Mary Kay Massacre
Extremism Not Volunteers
You're the guinea pig Animal researchers
Mice protest
Wearing Animals
Ducks with guns Mythical vegan clothes
Clothes reality Smart cats?
Old bag
McTrap McMurder trial
Ronald in Heaven Ronald the serial killer
McStupid Big Mac Attack
Grease Anne Geddes
The trouble with chat roooms McSpotlight Cartoon Gallery
I'm just contributing to stereotypes (Tofudebeest) So that's what it means
Tofu - an alternative to meat Poor tofu
That'll be the day
Food for thought Thou Shall Not Kill
Hot dogs A case of mistaken identity
Sausage samples We're all doomed
Lunch? Fourth of July Barbecue
Lamb & Retirement Lamb horror films
For mature audiences (or immature depending on how you look at it) Well, Bears are Omnivores
Vegetarian diner Vegan Seder & Bumper stickers
Vegetarian Vacuum Nothing with a face
Before McLibel... Unemployment office
Two birds, one stone Three Blind Mice
Mmmm...Honey Honey aka bee puke
Hidden Agenda Dog biscuits
Road Rage Dog worrying sheep
Naked Truth

Cartoon Books

The Radical Vegetarian Cartoon Book Martha's Cartoon Werks
The Joy of Soy is written by a vegetarian and highlights a lot of social situations that arise. Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back The whole lion shooting back part is actually more of a minor theme, and it does talk about eating meat. But it has a good message of a different sort.

Comic Books

Animal Man Animal Rights
Comics for Compassion Born to be Wild

Cartoon Characters

Shaggy Lisa Simpson
Count Duckula Sharon Spitz from Braceface
Kimba, The White Lion


Berkeley Breathed Scott Adams
Lynda Barry Shel Silverstein

More Humor

If you're looking for more fun, check out my Pathetic Veg*an Jokes.

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